Protective mask and a hand sanitizer

Are you looking for the ultimate source for PPE? Here it is.

As a supplier and sourcing service for the promotional product industry we are always with “our finger on the pulse” of what is happening, trending, available and priced to rock.

During the PPE crisis we have worked with 4 international suppliers and 2 USA suppliers of hand sanitizer, masks, gloves, wipes, face shields and more. This list is a compilation of every product and it is CURRENTLY IN THE USA NOW!

Due to market pressures and a sudden oversupply of some of these products we have be able to cut a deal that provides you with immediate delivery and killer prices on both logo’d and blank PPE! Watch this short video to understand how YOU and YOUR client can benefit from this unique opportunity!

The Definitive List Of IN STOCK IN USA PPE!


[email protected]    direct 250-661-4057

[email protected]    1-888-908-1481

We have all of the following in the USA right now. They are in various locations, some can be logo’d, some are blanks only. Please read.

1 ounce-75% Alcohol Gel Formula

1 ounce hand sanitizer with 3 color logo
1 ounce hand sanitizer with 3 color logo

1 ounce: 75% alcohol gel product link

Can be logo’d-4 color ships 5 days.  Blanks ship same day. In Chicago NOW!.

Net price with 4 color logo

Moq 500 INCLUDES shipping, no set up fees.                                                                  

Net Prices: 500-999 $1.90   1000-2499  $1.80 2500-4999 $1.70. For unlabelled/blanks. Take off 35 cents.

2 ounce-75% Alcohol Gel Formula– Small MOQ

75-percent-alcohol-hand-sanitizer-with-no logo
75-percent-alcohol-hand-sanitizer-with-no logo

2 ounce: 75% alcohol gel product link

Can be logo’d with 4 color. Ships 5 days with logo.  Blanks ship same day. FOB NY NOW.

OUR BEST DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BLANK: MOQ 1 case (160 bottles) INCLUDES no set up fees. You pay ground shipping from NY.

BLANK Net Prices: 160-480 units $ 1.50 each. 480-1920 units $1.20 each

LOGO’d net price: 160-480 $1.80 each   480-1920 $1.50  each 1920-5000 $1.40 each .  

8 Ounce –75% Alcohol Gel Formula with Pump!

8 ounce with PUMP: 75% alcohol gel formula product link

Can be logo’d-4 color logo- ships 5 days.  Blanks ship same day. In Chicago NOW.


LOGO’d Net Prices: 500-999 $4.20 each   1000-2499  $3.98 each 2500-4999 $3.78 each.

For 8 ounce unlabelled/blanks. Take off 20 cents from the above price.

10 Ounce –Alcohol Gel Formula with Pump!

10 ounce with PUMP: see product link

BLANK GOODS ONLY. Ships SAME day. FOB Los Angeles California, NOW!

MOQ 192 piece or 4 cartons of 48 pieces in each carton.

Net Price: $4.70 a bottle FOB California.

MADE IN USA Hospital Grade 70% Denatured Alcohol Gel Formula


The following is a unique offering as its Made in USA and is specifically made for HOSPITALS. Due to its HIGH QUALITY and FDA USA factory they currently have a 1 palette MOQ!

Made IN USA 70% Gel formula hand sanitizer product link

This comes direct from 3 different USA hand sanitizer plants but made under the same FDA approved Hospital Grade Sanitizer.

The sanitizer comes in various sizes and is only (at present ) sold in full palettes . 4, 8, 16 ounce, 1 gallon etc.

These cannot be logo’d unless we do a very large custom run. Ask me for details John 250-661-4057

8 ounce- 2520 pieces PER PALETTE -FOB Chicago, Oakland and Florida. Price per bottle  $3.50. Generic label ONLY.

4 ounce- 3780 pieces PER PALETTE -FOB Chicago, Oakland and Florida. Price per bottle  $2.78 per bottle. Generic label ONLY.

Gallons, 16 ounce etc. We are always running these and prices and avails change. PLEASE Call for quote. 250 661 4057.

Korean Made Stocked in USA Hand Sani Wipes. 20 wipes per foil pack.


Korean made FDA approved. STOCKED IN USA 75% alcohol wipes. See product page link

20 wipes per foil pack -5000 pack minimum. FOB LOS ANGELES

Net Price: 5000 pack $2.40 each   10000 packs  $2.10 each

Stocked in USA Canister Hand Sani Wipes. 100 wipes per canister.

FDA approved. STOCKED IN USA 75% alcohol wipes. See product page link

100 wipes per canister -60 canister minimum. Generic label only. No log. FOB LOS ANGELES

Net Price Per Canister: $5.98 INCLUDING FREE SHIPPING

3 Ply Masks

surgical inexpensive mask corona virus
surgical inexpensive mask corona virus

3 Ply Masks in Chicago  see product link.

The price on these is dropping. Best to request a quote. I just sold 10,000 for 35 cents delivered anywhere in USA. Low Min orders available! Email me [email protected]

KN95 Masks

It is estimated that over 90% of all "KN95 Masks in the uSA are fakes". Before you "get carried away" selling "KN95 Masks" to hospitals and governmental agencies it may be in your interest to watch this short video.

KN 95 Masks in Chicago see product link

1000-4999  $1.75 each . Free Shipping anywhere in USA.

Face Shields


Face Shields. In stock in Chicago

See product link:

1000-4999 $2.78 each FREE SHIPPING.