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Good Friday, Isn’t it supposed to be full of good news?

April 10, 2020. The world of the promotional product suppliers and distributors only gets tougher with each passing day. We are in unprecedented times.

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The good news, even if only a glimpse is that in many parts of the country that started quarantining early there may be the first signs of a plateau, a ”flattening of the curve.” This is the end of the beginning, not the end, not the middle but the end of the beginning.

Will America’s businesses get sued if they are not Covid Compliant?

The following short video explains the top 3 things people in the the promotional product business can do to help their clients avoid being sued for not protecting their customers from the Corona Virus.

Hand sanitizer will be hard to find for a long time, producers say

I know some of you out there don’t always believe some of the information I pass along as being the truth as I see it (see previous post) but today’s news from Bloomberg News pretty much sums it up.

China and US crack down on mask exports and imports.

In a unified approach it appears both China and the USA are working to eliminate the export and import of all unverified (aka fake) PPE including masks. I am not sure if this includes basic masks but given the video below I got from one of our guys plus 2 similar emails from 2 of our other partners echoing the same sentiment. At this point we can only suggest be very, very, very cautious going forward with all PPE.


What does history teach us? Yes, I am a bit of a geek who owns a muscle car! Go figure!

I buy books in bulk. I usually ready history and about a year ago I bought this book, The Great Influenza. The subject interested me. Who knew it would come in so handy?

The ”Spanish Flu” started in Kansas in 1918. It killed more than 50 Million people around the world.

The major takeaways from reading this book are simple but potent. It is important to consider the following.

First: The flu of 1918 all but disappeared in the summer of 1918 and came back with a vengeance in the fall of 1918 and winter of 1919, killing an estimated 50-100 million worldwide.

Second: There have been 18 other Corona Virus’s before Covid-19. That’s why it’s call COVID-19! Most have mutated their form after each virus cycle. Meaning, a vaccine made for today’s virus will be working on a slightly different version of the virus when the vaccine becomes ready for mass use (usually 12-18 months later). This means a vaccine is ”likely” to be less than 100% effective. FYI: Today’s flu vaccine averages between 25-80% effective. The 2019-2020 Flue vacinne was 45% effective.

Third: If and when we all go back to the ”new normal” meaning work and life sometime late this spring, their will be ”outbreaks or clusters” of the virus. The virus, unfortunately, doesn’t usually just disappear.

Finally: The only thing that can defeat excessive transmission of the virus is social distancing, not easy and not fun and more importantly to the promotional product industry the need for increased cleanliness and the use of alcohol based hand sanitizer.

Will businesses be sued for not being Covid Compliant?

Yes of course they will! Here’s a fun fact that may come about. If we all go back to work and life like before the virus and those public businesses that don’t practice what’s now being called ”Covid Compliancy”, will they be open to lawsuits if a customer gets the virus from one of their employees? Absolutely someone will sue a company, you kidding me!

My only suggestion is that all businesses that deal with people (and name me one that doesn’t?) better get their act together to show their customers and employees that they are being as Covid Compliant as possible, if for no other reason than to avoid lawsuits. This means they better have hand sanitizer on hand.

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net april 7
net april 7

We can do this, we have done this before!

To all of our promo peeps we’d like to remind you that not only can we do this but we have done this before. Here are a few pictures from America at the dawn of the American Century. The 1918/19 flu pandemic proves that we can beat this thing. We just need to act, NOW!