Shit hits the fan

shit hits the fan corona virus

The shit is about to hit the fan. Don’t let this and next weeks quiet fool you.

Far be it from me to tell you what you should do or what is going to happen, but I am going to anyways. That’s what I do.

I sit in a very unique spot that most of you do not have access to. I have worked with China for 20 plus years and saw how the virus unfolded and how they dealt with it on a daily, very personal basis. I am also watching how the rest of the world, including Canada, your most friendly neighbor is addressing this. They are all prepping for the long haul and significant strain on their health care systems and economy. However, more importantly at this moment is how we are dealing with the virus.

What China did.

They locked down the entire country and made sure everyone with the virus was identified and either hospitalized or left to “remain in place”. Their draconian approach meant the virus only took 3 months to flatline and start a slow downward curve.

What we seem to be doing.

We are taking a much more lax approach. The President is talking openly of letting everyone go back to work late next week or at Easter. April 8th or so is the latest best guess.

Now, I do not care who is President as I am a Canadian who lives in both the USA and Canada, I cannot vote.

That said, this approach by the USA to save the economy faster than other countries are doing, will mean a few things to you, the promotional product distributor.

Many, many people who go back to work in 8 days will get sick.

Businesses who are currently hunkering down in place this week and next will be going back to work and their employees, customers and people will not be protected or prepared.

Trump says back to work on Fox News by Easter

There is a HUGE shortage of both masks and hand sanitizer. How do I know that? We are getting multiple inquiries from the US government, hospitals, prisons, schools etc. They are NOT even close to our target or regular clients.

Ask yourself this…If the US government is so freaked out that they are contacting us for 250,000 masks and hand sanitizer what is about to happen?

What You Can Do?

As you are probably “sheltered in place” right now, wondering what to do with your business and clients, I have a few simple suggestions.

  1. Sell them hand sanitizer. Every business in America, I mean every business who goes back to work in 10 days will be screaming for this.
  2. Sell them KN95 or Surgical Masks. Restaurant, service industries etc will want their employees to wear them.
  3. Send them info on these products. Now, not next week!

Hard Data Proves My Point.

Here is today’s web traffic, compare it to other days. The worst is yet to come.

shit hits the fan corona virus
shit hits the fan corona virus