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We are both in the dog days of summer, those hot and sluggish days where not much gets done and at the same time on the edge of one of the busiest seasons for marketing. What are you focused on, Fishing or Finances?

I understand that reading about what’s new and hot in promotional products in the first week of August seems like a bad idea to some. But to those of us who think a little ahead, getting looped in on the latest trends is the key to making some serious bank come September.

How do we know that now is the time!

We know this because we pay attention to the stats. Simply put we have been savvy in our digital marketing for quite some time. We know that visits, traffic, inquiries and trade show schedules all indicate that in the next 20-30 days sales will spike. Are you ready?

“You better show new ideas or you’re dead in the water!”

In this day and age of instant access to ideas your clients (especially if they are a millenial) are scoping out new ideas online on sites such as Odditymall, Kickstarter and YouTube.

Millenial’s are not very interested in what their marketing predecessor put the company logo on, they want something that appeals to them. Are you offering this?

Don’t let your prejudice get in the way of making money!

According to a recent ASI survey there is a huge generational disparity between the ASI Distributor (average age 57!) and the average age of the end-use (35).

The ” natural generational prejudices” we all carry with our own particular generation means that when it comes to selling swag we tend to sell what we are comfortable with NOT necessarily what the client wants. Remember they are comparing what you are offering to what they find online.

“Don’t let your generational prejudice get in the way of making money”

Are you uncomfortable selling new ideas? Good!

If you are uncomfortable selling new ideas that is good. It shows that you are aware that your client (35 years old on avg.) is looking for something new and different from you (avg. age 57).

This is where Promo Motive SAGE# 51742 comes into play. We specialize in being the supplier who always has their finger on the pulse of what’s new.

Below you will find some of the coolest new ideas for your clients logo. Simply right click on any image and send it to your client. They may not necessarily buy it, but they will start to think of you as being cooler and hipper than you probably are. Trust me, I am 59 and know this as a fact! : )

“Show your clients something that makes you uncomfortable and they will start to think of you as being cooler and hipper than you probably are. Trust me, I am 59 and know this as a fact! : ) “

6 New Stellar Promo Swag Ideas for Fall 2019. Wanna learn more? Call 1-888-908-1481 or email [email protected]

New Promotional product ideas 2019 Fall and winter 2020. Get your business or event logo on these trend setting promo swag ideas from Promo Motive
nervous distributor promotional products
nervous distributor promotional products