You Are An Independent and Creative Thinker.

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I have come to to the unassailable conclusion that if you are reading this you are an independent and creative person.

It’s something we all dread doing. Cleaning and sorting throught one’s email inbox. Capturing and organizing those emails and addresses that you want to keep and deleting and blocking those old Viagara and Loius Vutton spam emails.

Over the last week that is exactly what I did!

The task took forwever as I had neglected to do this for about 3 years. However as I started to sort this out keeping the good ones and deleting the trash. I came to some really interesting conclusions.

Conclusion 1

The promotional product marketer business contacts I kept (you being one of them) all had some very common characteristics.

Most of you are independent business people or are part of a forward thinking reseller group (not many Geigers?)

Conclusion 2

As I read through the previous inquiries the vast majority were looking for something unusual and inquiries included custom socks, folding straws and folding coffee cups. Not your usual promo fare but things we sell and source.

Conclusion 3

I have a really good memory and can recall most of the conversations on the phone and obviously was able to read the email threads. What struck me most was the brevity (shortness) of the inquiries.

It was obvious you are busy and needed info quickly and were already moving onto the next order/customer/inquiry. “You were jugglin’ balls! Making bank!”

So What Am I to Conclude About This?

The first and foremost thing for me to conclude that if you are reading this, you are absolutely our type of customer. You are an independent and creative thinker.

The other dominant takeaway is that you are to be given major kudo’s for the work you do. In a time where the independent thinkers, the mavericks in our society are clamped down on it’s good to know that there is still a lot of you out in our business and society who are still selling, making a difference, thinking differently and doing what our society does best! Create and Innovate!

“Celebrate being an independent and creative thinker!”

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Below are some of our more independent minded ads from the past. Links do not work but you will get the idea.

Mixed Race woman looking under bed with flashlight
folding reusable drinking straw
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