Monthly Archives: October 2018

New Promo Idea: the ultra thin waterproof Tyvek paper wallet

whole foods paper tyvek wallet

Turn your clients logo into an ultra thin, waterproof, tearproof Tyvek Paper Wallet! If you’re a millennial, you totally get what this is. If you’re older, well…you need some info! We specialize in seeing what is trending online and at retail and especially what is hot with the Millennial and Gen Next. What is a […]

The Friday Funny: Keeping the ‘fun’ in Promo

promotional products with a fun edge from promomotive

” Let’s face it, we all need a laugh on Fridays, here’s to a fun weekend!”   The fact you are looking at this page should also tell you something! The headline, the image, the idea or all of the above has caught your attention and made you curious enough to click on the ad […]