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Bruce Springsteen and Promo Motive

bruce springsteen and promo motive

Bruce and Promo Motive What does Bruce Springsteen and Promo Motive have to do with each other? The connection is simple. I have been a huge Springsteen fan since I was 15. Seen him many times but this week I am seeing him in his one man show on Broadway. Front row! It is a […]

Promo Distributors Market Like Mad: FREE Video


The #1 Marketing Tool in 2018 is the YouTube Video. The #1 promotional product for late 2018 is the Last Straw: the folding collapsible reusable drinking straw. Get your Distributor contact info on a FREE YouTube video. Simply send us your logo and contact info and we will create a YouTube video and upload it. […]

Get Your Logo on a POP-able Phone Stand

Pop phone grips and accordion socket style phone stand. Get your logo on this promotional product. Show it off on your phone and logo your pop phone socket

The POP-able phone stand is Hot, Hot, Hot… Get your client’s logo on it for LESS! The dog days of summer are often the best time to order your clients’ swag and this summer is no exception. Get their logo on it for less with our POP phone grips. The POP stand is a great way […]