Highly unlikely but oddly very true!

tonight la manzanilla

As unlikely as it is that you will believe me but “its the god’s honest truth”…each year I do something unusual so I can refresh my head and to more importantly work on launching new ideas for you..! IT IS WORK!


This year..(and last) I am doing it at a beach…this time in a tiny Mexican town on the Pacific Coast……La Manzanilla.. (I have attached a couple of pics)

Also….(here’s the work part) I am launching 5 new ideas for your needs….attached are the pics of 2 of the ideas taken today…. What do you think? [email protected]

Also… the blog posts about each product can be linked to from below

Eyeglass cleaner





CNY ends Feb 24th FYI

John “Hopelessly Happy” Graham