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Chinese New Years is Over. Promotional Products Markets Open. Chaos Reigns.

chinese new years is over and promotional products marketing gets back on track

2018’s Chinese New Years is slowly and finally coming to an end. Promotional Products factories re-open amid annual chaos. Even though CNY 2018 is officially open the “fun is yet to begin”. John Graham of Promo Motive explains some of the pitfalls and chaos expected in the weeks ahead. Fast Facts. 12% of all employees […]

Custom Shaped Pop Phone

POP custom shaped pop socket phone grip style promotional pop out phone holder for tradeshows -

Everyone has heard of Pop Sockets but now there is a new kid in the game, custom shaped Pops. Turn your clients logo or icon into a custom shaped phone and media stand. Get your logo or event identity on a custom shaped pop socket style propring phone and media stand. Min order 500 unit. […]

New Product New Year 2018

wholesale tradeshow swag and promotional products including custom socks, custom flash drives, pop sockets and phone stands, lazy bag air sofa and edc multi tools.

Each Year I go away for 14 days to recconect with new products and to refocus the business. This is 2018’s trip. I have been in this business for a number of years and have learned that you need a break every year to focus on a bit of relaxation and most importantly new product. […]

If you’re paying set up fees you’re getting ripped off.

pop phone stand promotional products and trade show swag

I am a long-time promotional products supplier and I am shocked that people are still charging and still paying for set-ups, run charges, color matches etc. Stop it Now! Let me let you in on a secret. As a supplier of swag who sells to distributors I am going to tell you now that you […]

Highly unlikely but oddly very true!

tonight la manzanilla

As unlikely as it is that you will believe me but “its the god’s honest truth”…each year I do something unusual so I can refresh my head and to more importantly work on launching new ideas for you..! IT IS WORK!   This year..(and last) I am doing it at a beach…this time in a […]

Coming for Spring 2018. New Promo KeyQuick

keysmart key system for trade show giveaway and promotional swag.

KeyQuick the smart key system for promotional products and trade show swag is revolutionizing the way we organize our keys. The Ring is Dead, Long Live the KeyQuick!   Here’s a great video review of the Keysmart from Tech Ninja….This explains how it works…. This will be available March 5th and will go between $3 […]