Got an Idea for a New Promotional Product?

do you have a great idea for a new promotional product or tradeshow swag

Got an Idea for a New Promotional Product?

As a professional in the marketing and promotional products industry it is quite possible that you may be sitting on the next Fidget Spinner, Beer Koozie or Pop Socket. An idea that if you could only get made and marketed would make you RICH!

Ok….this may sound a little “over the top” but it can happen with the right idea!

“Here is the Basic Concept!”

  1. Promo Motive and Promo Crunch are experts at sourcing off-shore factories that are capable of producing and delivering quality promotional products. We are also really great at marketing them.
  2. If you have an idea for a NEW Promo you would submit the idea to us and if we both thought that it would succeed, Promo Motive would take on the development, production, marketing and sales of the product on.
  3. On the sale of each product you would receive a royalty percentage.

“Time to Buy The Porsche!”

Not sure if you should get to buy the Porsche but it may provide a pleasant and steady extra income. So, you say, how do I do this and not get screwed? Good question.

The first step is for you to protect yourself. Go to this site and download and then email me an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), I will sign and return to you. This is a legal document that protects you and limits me from sharing your idea. (if in doubt, ask a lawyer).

Once I sign off and return the NDA you can then “reveal” the idea to me. This part of the process is quick. Why?

“Some Ideas are Dogs!”

Yup….tough to be honest but most of the ideas we all have are Dogs…..for one reason or another the idea that you thought was so brilliant just doesn’t work. It could be it’s too expensive or too similar to another product or simply just a bad idea. If I think it is, I will tell you. And if I pass on it I still can’t do anything with it as I have signed the NDA! (how smart of you!)

“A Few Ideas are BRILLIANT”

Yup…someone came up with the Fidget Spinner, Pop Socket, Fidget Cube, Beer Koozie and hopefully they are all making money on it! Lot’s of it.

If your idea is a great one, then we move on and into the prototype, design, production and eventual marketing of this idea. You would get to see your idea sold in the marketplace, get a check each month and be able to tell the kids…“Hey kids…see this Widget…I created it!

Want to grill me, put me under the hot white spotlight to see if this is a real thing? Go for it….call me John Graham at 1-888-908-1481. (No emails…takes too much time…but call)

do you have a great idea for a new promotional product or tradeshow swag
do you have a great idea for a new promotional product or tradeshow swag