Crazy Business and Promo Marketing Trend Spotted. Look Out!
POP collapsible popout phone stands and media stands are the next great place to put your logo on.

In what is seen as an unprecedented trend spotting analysis, phone holders and ring phone stands like the Popsocket , POP and PropRing are set to sell like “hotcakes!”

Soaring high on all Social Media sites, Amazon, EBay, Instagram and dozens of other key trend indicator sites phone and media stands like Popsockets, POP Phone Swag and the Propring are zooming to the top.

The word is out, these POP’s phone and media stands are HOT, HOT, HOT for this Winter and Spring 2018 both at retail and in the Promotional Products world! 


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How was the trend was first recognized?

Promotional Product trendspotter Promo Motive announced today that their algorithm has clearly shown that “these phone stands are the next big thing in tradeshow swag”. CEO John Graham states:

“these phone stands are about to be the next big thing in trade show swag. Our key indicators are off the chart! Lat year we saw the avalanche that was Fidget Spinners coming a good 2 months ahead of the majority of the marketplace, these POPs have all the same markings of that trend!” 

The reason for this surge is best explained in an article written about the POPSockets in an article from the INDEPENDENT from the UK. Also further explained in this article from the promotional product swag source Promo Motive. Read more.

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