Custom Socks for Trade shows and B2B Swag. Trending Up or Down?

Custom Socks for Tradeshows and B2B Swag. What is behind the marketing idea?

Its seems today everything can have your business or event logo on it. From new ideas like the Fidget Spinner and Fidget Cubes to “old standbys” like the T-shirt and coffee mug corporate America is being branded on just about anything and everything……including now, SOCKS!

the Ellen show gives away promotional socks

Even daytime TV Queen Ellen DeGeneres is now selling Ellen Socks on her online store. With this, the highest of all kudo’s being given to any promotional product, lets dig into the Why?

Custom socks is our trendsetting idea for this week.

Socks 101

1) Everyone wears socks. This stat is always a great place to start when considering looking for a succesful promotional marketing idea. Consider past winners such as the Coffee Mug (everyone drinks it), Pens (everyone used to have them) and the ever-popular White Tee (everyone has or had at least 1 or 2 of these)

2) One size fits many. Nothing worse than having to guess at which sizes are best for your clients and potential customers when buying promotional swag. Socks pretty much do away with that problem as sizes are far less of an issue.

3) Socks are a Retail Fashion Trend these days. Like all good ideas at promo the trend often starts at retail. Currently (unless you live under a rock) you already know, Fashion and quirky socks are very desirableIn short, the trend is always your friend!

4) Inexpensive. I was going to say cheap, but cheap intones something nasty and stinky (like a very used sock?) but call it cheap, inexpensive, affordable etc a great promotional product has to be cost-effective! Socks average in price about $2-3 each.

With all of the above taken into account it looks like Custom Socks is getting our thumbs up in our trending chart for the week of Nov 6-13th 2017. 

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sleemand beer promotional socks

 Sleeman Beer gets Promotional socks

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