Prices for wholesale POP style phone grips for tradeshow, marketing and b2b Swag.

How much does it cost for a POP out collapsible phone holder and POP style phone grip?

“If this isn’t the most asked question these days I don’t know what is!”

In order to make it easier for marketers and promotional product distributors to find their way in the ever confusing price jungle out there, we have made it simple and easy to price your promotional POP phone grips.

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POp grip phone holders for marketing and b2b swag

Here Goes:

NO Set Ups, The Price is the Price!: I hate being scammed by what appears to be the lowest posted price only to find that the set ups and “extras” are adding 10-20% to the bottom line price. 

I see this when I fly in the form of hidden baggage fees, on my insurance bill and most especially in the promotional swag industry for extra colors, proof fees, run charges and all that crap. 

I understand why promotional suppliers want to appear to be the lowest price but when you add $20 each color run and $30 for a “set-up” I know I am getting hosed. That why we never charge extras!

“We Never Ever Charge a Set up Fee! It’s a Scam!”

FREE Freight: We don’t charge for Shipping here’s why? 

Shipping from our factories direct to your door is a variable cost to us. The actual hard cost we pay to Fedex, UPS etc. ranges from 15 cents a piece at a low for a large order (several 1000)  to about 25 cents for a small order (250 units). Not much. So we quote the price with this all rolled into it!

I really really hate getting an invoice at the end of the job for a freight cost that was a “Fuzzy Estimate” at the start of the order. It P%*sses Me Off!

So with all of that in mind, here are the prices for the POP Phone holders and grips.

promotional product pricing on pops, popsockets, propring for tradeshow giveaway


pop phone holders and swag tradeshow giveaway prices


Styles of POP Phone Grips! Click to View Our Collection!


Propring pop style phone holder for tradeshow swag


Pop phone grips and accordion socket style phone stand. Get your logo on this promotional product. Show it off on your phone and logo your pop phone socket