What’s Hot and What’s Not in Promotional Product & Swag Trends. Oct 31- 2017


What’s Hot and What’s Not!

Which Promotional Products are trending up and which Promo Swag is trending down. The week of Oct 31st 2017.

promotional product trends. Whats hot or not in marketing Oct 30 2017

Well it’s been a tumultuous week in the trendspotting department. Our multi-pronged approach to finding out what’s hot and what’s not ,includes several paid informants (Trendspotters) who comb through social media and communicate with key fellow trendspotters and the use of our algorithm to monitor 28 key web sites all combined to produced this weeks results of:

What’s Hot and What’s Not!


Phone Grips, Pop Sockets, PropRing and a multitude of other smartphone grips are rocketing up. Why…...read more.


Pens. The venerable writing instrument that’s been around for hundreds of years is still alive but barely kicking. Pen sales are at their lowest in all of the years they have been tracking them.  Read the PEN industry insider guide. 

promotional product and swag trends for Oct 30 2017

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John Graham has been on both the supply side and resale side of the promotional products business since 1993. He brings extensive experience in both the hard goods and soft goods industry’s to the table. LinkedIn

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