Reduce Dental Patient Fear with Loyalty Swag

The ADA states that one of the biggest problems with retaining dental patients is the fear of the dentistal visit.

Fear of dentists ranks high in our collective consciousness. This undeserved fear stems from our past collective historical view of dentistry being a painful experience. The truth is quite the opposite but how do Dentists overcome this fear.

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Loyalty rewards is cited as being one of the most effective and cost efficient way to prevent patient loss to an ingrown personal fear.

The theory is sound but simple: fearful patients put offdental visits until the last moment. They then scour the internet looking for an advertisement of website that promises pain free dentistry. The problem with this is that their current Dentists is almost always as “pain-free” as any new Dentist. 

If a patient has some Swag/Promotional Product with their current Dentists with their logo and tagline (ie “Always Pain Free, Always Gentle”) that they received from the last visit they are more likely to return that to “dentist-hop”.

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dentist promotional swag

dental implant  dentist promotional swag


dentist promotional swag

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