What is trending in promotional swag week of Oct 9 2017

What is Trending in Promotional Swag for the Week of Oct 9 2017.

Trends and trendspotting is our area of expertise. We employ digital analysis, a unique algorithm and a series of peer reviews of important blog sites.

Promo Motive is constantly looking for the newest trends in promotional product marketing. By employing our proprietary digital and analog reviews we are able to identify trends in what is hot and what is not in the promotional swag industry.

Hot This Week.

Our 2 hot trends this week are EDC Multi Tools and POP’s Collapsible phone holders.

EDC: Everyday Carry (EDC) is the current buzzword for multi tools, pocket tools and other “analog” pocket carries. Gone are the old terms such as pliers, screwdrivers and wrenches and in are the terms EDC, Bug Out, Survival.


“It appears that EDC is now trending as the millenial generation, raised solely on the digital world is not reaching for some “old school analog” touchstones such as the Everday Carry”

POP’s: Smartphones have invaded our personal and professional landscape and anything that enhances their usage and convenience is trending up. 

“POP’s provide a great way to hold your phone and wrap your cords all with a single hand!”


To find out more on EDC tools or POP’s go to our online site. Promo Motive.


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