EDC Multi Tools are Trending Up for 2018 Tradeshow Swag and B2b Promo.

EDC or everyday carry multi tool are trending high on social media and in online forums and is expected to reach a critical mass of popularity in Spring 2018.

Promo Motive, the trendsetter in the promotional products world has identified an emerging trend for 2018 in the form of EDC Multi tools.

The trend is undeniable and forecast is for continuing strong sales of EDC multi tools for the tradeshow, b2b and promotional products marketplaces.

edc multi tool 8 tools in 1 marketing tool

“The trend for EDC is simple. This generation of users have grown up with a totally digital interface to their lives and now craves something analog, like their fathers tools. This means as promotional swag EDC will be hot in 2018!”

edc multi tool 11 tools in 1 for trade shows

EDC multi tools come is a wide array of shapes and sizes from the most basic of a wallet credit card multi tool with 8 in 1 tool features all the way up to full blown 20 in 1 multi tools such as these ideas.

bugout multi tool for trade show promotional products

EDC posts are everywhere on the net including this EDC Tools for beginners guide.

edc multi tool promo 11 tools in 1

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