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great tradeshow ideas are often unique

Tradeshow Swag has become Boring and Predictable. Stop It!

Tradeshow swag has become boring and predictable. The reasons for this are varied but in our research it all comes down to 2 things.

1) Resellers and Purchasers of Promotional Swag are often trying to play it too safe. 

In theory, playing it safe, sounds good but in practice is as dumb as dumb can get. In the swag business, T-shirts, Mugs, Small memory flash drives, Pens etc are the “safe bet”. Do you really think these items will make you stand out at a trade show?

2) Reselllers and Purchasers of Promotional Swag are often unaware of the trends and don’t know where to look?

These days trends are easily spotted but only if you know where to look? Read this or read more below.

weird promotional products and tradeshow swag


What is the Purpose of Trade Show Swag?

Lets look at the real heart of the question. What is the purpose of Swag?:

A) Designed to attract people to your booth so that you can engage with them and after when they leave the booth they have something unique to take with them that reminds them of you and your business? 

B) Makes Your interaction with them at the booth MEMORABLE. You want them to walk away from the booth encounter with you and have something in their hand (with your logo on it) that makes them go wow, that’s awesome!

 custom shaped usb flash drives for tradeshow swag

How Do You (We) Know What is Weird/Memorable and also Desirable?

“Promo Motive is totally different than all other promotional product suppliers! We Zig where others Zag”

John Graham 

 We do 3 things that make a HUGE difference to your ability to buy smarter and more on trend!.

1) We have a trend spotting algorithm and inside trend spotting service. Read more. 


Large Stateside inventory may mean a slightly less expensive promo but NOT ALWAYS. The old school logic was to bring in a million widgets and then logo them here in small batches.  That is no longer a good idea.

Our factories in China now deliver direct to you small orders all perfectly imprinted in about 2 weeks or less. Often at a price below the current market value.

Also, if you bring in inventory (as a supplier) you will always bring in the safest things (T-shirts, Mugs and Pens etc). This is exactly what you don’t want if you want to stand-out!

3) If you have USA inventory your are way too Late to be on a trend!

Trends (aka as a weird or unique ideas) are by nature short-lived. Take the Fidget Spinner trend. We were on this trend late in 2016 using our algorithim and trend spotting process. We secured our factory source last January and were ripping in sales from February to early June 2016.  By July 1st spinners were dead.

Those suppliers who brought in inventory of fidget spinners are now sitting on them. Trade show swag sellers and users are not interested in them and even if they are, everyone else at the tradeshow they are about to go to may have fidget spinners at their booth!

Is this how to show your clients how creative and memorable you are? NOT!

If any of this makes sense to you and you’d like to learn more about how to become a Rockstar at the next Trade Show, then call us at 1-888-908-1481 or email us for details.


Image Below are some of today’s top trending Swag Ideas!

edc every day carry multi tools.


custom wholesale fidget Cunbes for tradeshows

Pop socket phone holder for tradeshows


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