Trend Analysis Shows EDC Multi Tools Hot for Tradeshow Swag

How is it that custom multi tools and edc survival tools for your keychain and wallet are all of a sudden trending up?

edc multi tools for trade shows

EDC Promotional Multi Tools are now one of the top searches for trade show swag in late 2017.


John Graham of Promo Motive explains:

 “ About 6 weeks ago we started to see the needle move on our trend analysis indicators showing that EDC Multi Tools were quickly and dramatically starting to increase in the search inquiries and social media tags. That trend is only getting more rabid with each days data.”

Everyday carry tools (EDC) are a new take on an old idea but one that seems right for the times.

Graham goes on further to explain:

“ In the 60’s 70’s and 80’ guys and girls grew up either with hand tools of their own or handed down from their fathers and mothers. It was a generational process going back hundreds of years. At the same time brands like Victornox, Swiss Army Knife and Leatherman were producing the first set of desirable multi tools.

In the late 90’s the move away from hand tools to digital tools took place and these first generation of edc survival multi tools were left to slowly die.”

Now in the late 20 teens the millennial generation has grown up without any of these old school survival edc tools. As in all things old, they often become new again.

Concurrent to that there is a survivalist and bug out movement that has grown from a small fanatical group to appeal to a much broader base.

Combine these 2 factors together and you get the trend upticks that we are seeing.

For more information check out these details at Promo Motive.

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