POP. Do you know what this is?

You can call them Popsockets, POP’s or a Collapsible Smartphone Holder. Just don’t call them Boring!

Pop! The socket style collapsible smartphone holder is the greatest way to get your logo out to as many people as possible for the least amount of money.

Some call it a phone grip, a smartphone stand, a wrap and more… Add a single Pop Socket, or a pair of Pop Sockets, to the back of almost any mobile device to transform its capabilities.Pop Sockets “pop” whenever you need a grip, a stand, an earbud-management system, or just something to play with.


Check out the Product Page Click Here

Call 888-908-1481 or email john@promocrunch.com 


tradeshow popsocket

Popsocket for tradeshowlogo on a popsocket


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