New And Exciting Promo Swag Ideas

Exciting new promo swag ideas for 2018 are now here!

 New And Exciting Promo Swag Ideas

The promotional products industry thrives on new ideas and the top 3 promo suppliers are Promo Crunch, Promo Motive and Fidget Cube Promo. 

These 3 sites each specialize in unique swag ideas that are trending upwards these days. Promo Crunch has been around for some time but recently their Custom USB,  Custom Power Banks and Custom Data Cables are all trending up as corporate marketers look to further enhance their brand.

Promo Motive continues to offer amazing new Fidget ideas such as metal fidget spinners and Fidget Cubes. 

While Fidget Cube Promo concentrates on the entry level fidget spinner.

For new promo swag ideas check out these images or any of these sites.