Custom Designed Power Banks

We are the undisputed experts at turning your logo, service or product into a custom shaped Power Bank emergency phone charger. A Power Bank.

“This may seem like a bold statement but we are a little “odd” when it comes to promo swag” states the head of design at Promo Crunch and Promo Motive.

“We do weird well and one of our most impressive promotional swag products is our custom shaped power banks.” He goes on to say.

In fact Promo Crunch has been the absolute leader in creating the coolest custom shaped power banks, USB Flash Drives and custom data cables since 2005.

Power Banks are ubiquitous these days but custom shaped power bank battery chargers still generate a lot off OOOHHHHS and AHHHHHS at tradeshows, conferences and as b2b swag.

There are few better ways to imprint your business idea or than to turn it into a custom power bank.

If you are interested in the custom power banks please contact [email protected] or call Promo Motive at 888-908-1481. Visit the Promomotive site here or feel free to visit our custom flash drive site Promo Crunch