POP The Socket Phone Holder

POP The Socket Phone Holder.

Everyone who has a Smartphone should have a POP phone holder. Marketers who are looking to promote their business brand or logo should get their logo on a POP collapsible phone accessory.

The POP smartphone holder is a socket style collapsible cell phone stand that attaches to the back of most smartphones, I-Pad’s or Tech Tablet.

Its purpose is several fold. Firstly it allows the user to firmly grip their smart phone with one hand, allowing for simple hands-free use. It then acts as a table top smart phone stand allowing the user to free up both hands to use while the phone remains upright.

It’s also a cable and earbud organizer as well as a phone stand. The beauty in this promo swag is that the smartphone is one of the most visible surfaces shown to consumers and using your logo on a Pop allows a great return on promo swag ROI.


To get your logo on a Pop Socket  please contact john@promocrunch.com or call Promo Motive at 888-908-1481. Visit the Promomotive site here or feel free to visit our custom flash drive site Promo Crunch


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