Fidget Spinner

FIDGET Spinner


The Fidget Spinner is without a doubt the hottest toy trend and promotional product fad of the 21st century. The Fidget Spinner was originally designed over 25 years ago by Catherine Hettinger

The original use of the Fidget Spinner was as a cure for children with ADHD and anxiety. This worked well but the Fidget Spinner also worked as a great way for all people to use, unwind and relax.

In early 2016 Promo Motive saw that the Fidget Spinner was an ideal vehicle for use as a promotional product and trade show swag.

Starting with a single design The Troika premium fidget spinner, Promo Motive has grown to have nearly 50 Fidget Spinner designs available for trade shows, conferences and b2b marketing swag.

To get your logo on a Fidget Cube please contact or call Promo Motive at 888-908-1481. Visit the Promomotive site here or feel free to visit our custom flash drive site Promo Crunch


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