Free Fidget Cubes!

Are you looking to “test drive” one of this decades hottest promotional products?

No doubt about it, Fidget Cubes are HOT! In fact if you look at the Kickstarter story on Fidget Cubes you will see they exceeded expectations by almost 5000%! 

Considering a Fidget Cube for a Promotional campaign? but need a Sample?

We have over 1000 Fidget Cubes waiting for your sample request. These samples are FREE, all we ask that as a legitimate marketing business you supply us with a current UPS or FEDEX # to cover the freight. (we have to say this as we get a ton of people looking for Freebies…sorry folks)

That’s not FREE you say!’re right” we’d say…so in addition to up to 4 FREE Fidget Cube samples we will pay you back the cost of your shipping (about $10 on average) when you place your order!

What’s the price if you order?

Now this amazing desktop toy is available to you at over 60% off of retail prices. 

In fact we offer you the following unheard of pricing INCLUDING freight and 4 color logo. Allow 2 weeks delivery for orders.

100-249 $4.48
250-499 $3.78
500-999 $2.98
Over 1000 ask for quote

What’s the Catch?

No catch, we simply want you to see what a great product this is and to order your Fidget Cubes and Fidget Spinners from us at 

How to order?

simply email  and be sure to include your ship to address and current Fedex or UPS account.

See All Fidget Cubes and Spinners-Click Here

Watch this amazing viral video “How to Use a Fidget Cube!”

fidget cube for tradeshows

free fidget cube for promotional product and tradeshows

promotional product fidget cubes. Get your tradeshow or event logo ona fidget cube.

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