Apology and Happy 4th of July.

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Hey Everyone…Happy 4th of July!

It has been a long, busy, crazy year and it is on rare days like these it seems to me that it’s a good idea to wish everyone out there to take the time to relax with friends and neighbors, enjoy the summer sun, eat some Hot Dogs and Hamburgers and do whatever makes you happy!

I also would like to thank all of you who we had the pleasure to work for as your business to us made our business and personal lives better!

Apology: There were also a few days during the Fidget Spinner craze when I probably was not on my best behavior (short tempered, maybe a little grumpy) and to those people whom I was “grumpy” with, I would like to say, I am sorry …..:  )

Anyways, enough said….so….Go shut down the computer, turn off the phone, go outside and breathe in the air…and enjoy the 4th.

Bonus featureBruce Springsteen performing the song Sandy, (4th of July) in a final, live version of the song with former E-Streeter Danny Federici. 


John Graham

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