Promo Motive. We Do Weird Well!

Are You Looking for Unusual and Cool Promotional Products?

Welcome to Promo Motive and Promo Crunch. We Do Weird Well!

I guess the idea of “We Do Weird Well!” came as a result of my 30 years of business life starting in the Rock and Roll business, leading into the Fashion world, to now, building and running both Promo Crunch and Promo Motive. What a crazy ride!

Contact for promo crunch and promo moive corporate promotional products.

 What We Stand For!

We really like marketing FUN and working with clients to create cool promotions. We specialize in this. We DO the imaginative fun stuff such as premium Fidget Spinners and custom Fidget Cubes, leading-edge tech swag and fun and entertaining custom designed promo products. 

We Specialize.

Specialists (like us) do a few things really well. We specialize in a limited array of 50 or so different promotional ideas. The logic is, we do those things REALLY WELL.

We Like Specializing!

To be a Specialist means we know what we’re doing, what’s trending and what’s not, along with how to get your logo on it.

Generalists. No Thanks!

Generalist sell anything to everybody. We like our clients too much to do that. 

fidget spinner for promotional product marketing

Promo Motive

Promo Motive is the promotional products industry leading supplier of Swag! We specialize in high performance Fidget Spinners and Cubes, Fun and Functional Trade Show ideas. To see more….

Promo Crunch

Promo Crunch is the world’s best designer and supplier of custom shaped promotional products specializing in Flash Drives, Power Banks and Data Cables. To see more…

Everything comes direct from the factory floor to your door!

If you’d like to learn more about our products our services or just want to talk…Call us at 1-888-908-1481 or email us here.

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