Am I Wrong?

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Am I Wrong?

I have been a promotional products supplier for over 20 years and have always chosen to work with products and customers that are unique. It is my bent.

I started as Marketing Director for ID Wear when Denim was cool, but over those 9 years saw that 40 Million dollar business collapse as they tried to go toe to toe with cheap Chinese T Shirts. It was not a pretty sight.

After ID Wear failed, I started and still run Promo Crunch which creates really cool custom shaped promotions.

Since my ID Wear days I have always had one mantra.

“Do Unique, Do Quality, Be a Bit Weird”. The reasons for this are simple.

1) We (all of us reading this) are in the marketing of ideas business.

Simply put….We put logo’s on stuff to catch peoples attention and to get that logo to make an impression on another person or persons.

In my opinion…”If someones logo is on something boring or really common…what does that say about them and what their company stands for?

This is meant as no disrespect to those of you who make lots of sales of plain White Tees and basic ballpoint pens. It is simply that in my opinion I feel we can be more imaginative than that. 

Am I Wrong?

boring promotions are boring


2) Too many of us assume just because it looks the same it must be the same! 

Use the Pen Analogy: There are good pens and bad pens. All of us have gotten a crappy pen from some long forgotten tradeshow that leaks, breaks, skips ink etc.

If that pen has a logo on it do we think…”Hmmm…Boy…am I an idiot for using this junk?”.

No..we think “Who was that crud merchant who gave me the 3-cent pen that leaked?…then we look on the pen to see their logo, registering in our brain that their logo represents crud.

Am I Wrong?

quality fidget spinners and cubes


3) Fidget Spinners and Cubes: I am  a “roll up your sleeve kind of guy”…I like to sell stuff I understand and I am good at.

I like weird and unusual (as stated above). I also frequently travel to factory’s in China and really get to know what makes for good product and what it really costs.

I have made it my business to know this. I feed my family with this skill.

So almost a year ago along came the Fidget Revolution

I admit, I was at first baffled but I was also intrigued. I have seen trends come and go.

After much careful thought I now believe this is a new category of Promo replacing the now moribund Desktop category.

Watch What is a Fidget Cube on YouTube

I also thought this through, if this is something I want to sell? If so, what makes them good (or bad)?

It turns out there are a lot of things to consider.

Bearings, are they quality? Is the spinner balanced or warped? Will it spin properly? Is the fidget cube going to fall apart? Is the fidget stick balanced? On and on……it turns out there are a lot of things to consider.

See the world’s worst Fidget Spinner on YouTube!

Am I Wrong?

So….after selling 100’s of  thousands of quality fidget spinners and cubes, having 100’s of happy customers, visiting dozens of bearing and molding factories and offering a wide array of premium Fidgets shipped direct from the factory floor to your door I now get a few inquiries from people suggesting that “they can get the same thing way cheaper!”


Am I Wrong?

Let me know what you think…I invite the discussion.



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